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Our facilities are located in the province of Germencik in the city of Aydın. We have a total area of 30.000 m2; 6.000 m2 of this area is covered and has a 4.000 m2 concrete area. Because we are a food-producing factory our facilities were build according to ISO and HACCP systems, and all hygiene standards that prohibit reproduction of bacteria. All of the machinery and equipments that are used in our factory are made of chrome material.

A lthough our annual dried figs production capacity is 5.000 tons, we are currently working with a production capacity of 2,000 tones in order to match all regulations and hygiene standards. There are two laboratories in our facilities; one is located on the main entrance line in goods entrance, and the other one is on the exit line during and after production. In all production stages, goods that are being manufactured are tracked by infrared cameras that are placed on certain places on the production line. Also there are always a food and an agriculture engineer in our facilities. In our facilities we have a have a vacuuming and packaging machine to automatically pack raisins sultanas, hazelnut kernels and dried figs in packages of 250-500 grams.

Our electronic vacuuming machine, which is one of the four vacuuming machines in Turkey, has a vacuuming capacity from 5 kilos to 250 kilos. Also we have a 1000 m2 spiceproduction area in our grounds. With all of these machinery and hygiene standards, our goal is to work with firms and markets that are of good quality, more permanent and leaders of the world.